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  • Tuesday, 29 December 2020
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Strategy to crack the NEET Exam.

    Strategy to crack the NEET Exam- In this context, I will tell you the strategy with the help of which I secured an AIR of 7715. I am not a topper and my marks also highlighting this statement.

My marks in this year’s NEET-UG exam 2020 are 633 (not a big score but a sufficient one). I’m a fresher student. I completed my 11th and 12th from a reputed college in Latur. I didn’t join any tuition or other institute in Latur.

Our biology teacher used to say that self-study is the best way to clear the NEET exam.

 So now I am going to tell you some strategies ( subject wise) which will definitely help you to increase your score.

So let’s get started


  The majority of the students fail to get an MBBS seat only because of physics. Either they feel it difficult or don’t pay attention to it as much as required.

See, Physics is a conceptual and universal topic. It has reasons for everything.

So it is not like Ratta (that majority of students go for). Divide Every chapter of physics into small concepts, it will make it easy psychologically.

You have to practice numerical but by applying the concept and mathematical tools SIMULTANEOUSLY.

I’m not saying more numerical only.

I’m saying more concepts with fewer numerical (10 to 20 for each concept).

I think this is enough for physics.


See, chemistry is divided into three subsections

physical, inorganic, and organic

The physical chemistry part is like physics which depends on the concept, formulae, and application, so there is no rocket science here.

Some chapters are theoretical and some are problematic. So do it wisely.

The inorganic section is like half conceptual and half remembering (ratta in your language ).

Yes, what you read is right. In inorganic chemistry, you have to remember the things which you can’t conceptualize or understand ( I mean the 4 periodic blocks). There’s no other way.

What rests is Organic chemistry. My favorite among these three. See in organic chemistry there are 2 divisions (according to me, ok )

 a. GOC including the chapters named by groups (like alcohol phenol ether …..)

  b. and the last 3 chapters in 12th and the last one chapter in 11th ( environmental chemistry).

The first division is easy in which you have to look after the product. For this carefully understand the condition under which reaction is taking place and the reagents. Also here the GOC is playing a very crucial role.

You must be gone through cation formation, anion, ring expansion, etc.

The second division is worth remembering which will be done by repetitive reading and conceptualizing.

The NCERT is imp for at least inorganic and organic chemistry.


This subject is the highest scoring subject which will give you a rank and also make you what you want.

The majority of students get good marks in their tuition tests in biology but in NEET they can’t do so. The reason behind this is, in tuition class tests, you have to prepare for a few chapters but in NEET your full preparation and most importantly your recalling capacity in those 3 hours will decide your future.

So for biology study like experiencing it and conceptualize it. Biology is very very easy if you feel it and understand it.

After all, it is going to decide what is going to happen.

People say that a piece of paper cannot decide their future but here the case is different.

Self-evaluation is also important while studying.

Do smart work rather than hard work.

And lastly, I want to say that many students have to give NEET 2 to 3 times to clear it because they think they can give it many times so their brain processes the information as it is not compulsory to clear NEET in the first attempt.

But if you made your brain think that you are going to give it only once with your full potential you are definitely going to crack it.

Hope you all like my strategy guys.

And best of luck for your exam. Thank you

 – Written By Ritesh Subhash Kharat.
Pursuing MBBS at Grant Government Medical College & Sir JJ Group of Hospitals Mumbai.

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