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  • Sunday, 10 May 2020
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Doubt cleared about Status Retention Form.

Every Year in Maharashtra Medical Counseling process (post-graduation or under graduation courses) candidates are confused & have multiple doubts about What is status retention form? And what will happen if a candidate fills it?

For clarifying the same I have created a short FAQs

Q- What is Status Retention Form?

A- Status Retention form means if a candidate is allotted a seat in any of the round & the candidate is satisfied with his allotted seat & doesn’t wish to go for betterment in the subsequent round (The betterment herein means the higher preference exercised by the candidate).
For that purpose there is a form called status Retention Form. By filling the form, the candidate can retain his or her seat.

Q- Is status retention form compulsory to be filed while taking an admission?

A- Status retention form is not compulsory to be filled while taking admission..it is only for those candidates who want to retain their seat & don’t want to go for the betterment.

Q- What will happen if a candidate fills a status retention form?

A-If a candidate fills status retention form it simply means the candidate admission process is over, the candidate’s seat will not get upgraded in the subsequent round & the allotted seat will get confirmed.

Q- What will happen if candidates do not fill the Status Retention Form?

A- If a candidate is allotted a seat & doesn’t fill status retention form that candidate will be considered for the betterment for the subsequent rounds (The betterment herein means the higher preference exercised by the candidate). The shift in such betterment shall be compulsory and mandatory. And in case of candidate seat does not get upgraded till the last round of the counseling process in that case the candidate same seats which have been allotted previously will get confirmed.

Q- Is there any time period between candidates fill the status retention form or can candidates fill it any time during the counseling process?

A- It is hereby made clear that the period provided for the submission of the Status Retention Form is crucial and vital. This period shall not be extended for any reason whatsoever. Candidates can fill status retention form only within the prescribed time limit given to all the candidates. Candidates will be allowed to submit a Status Retention Form after the aforesaid last date. Under any circumstances whatsoever, a candidate who has submitted a Status Retention Form shall not be allowed to withdraw the same.

Q- Can the status retention form be filled after the 2nd or Mop-up round?

Ans- After every round, the counseling component authority gives a timeline to fill status retention form, candidates can fill status retention form within a given time period after every round.

Written By – Muzaffar Khan

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