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How Maharashtra state conducts Mop-up round for NEET?

How Maharashtra state conducts Mop-up round for NEET?: There are many terminologies you will know while you are trying to take admission in the Medical field both in post-graduation & under graduation courses.

In the part of that terminology, one of is Mop-Up round, in normal language the last round which is conducted for completing the Medical Admission process to fill vacant seats is called Mop-Up round, every state have a different rule for conducting mop-up round counseling process some state conduct in online manner & some state in offline.

In this article, I am explaining to you how Maharashtra state conduct Mop-Up round counseling process for both postgraduate & undergraduate medical courses in FAQs manner.

Q- What is MOP-UP Round?

Ans- Mop-up round is around that comes out after all the rounds are done. It is for filling all the vacant seats that have been left out after previous rounds.
These seats will be available due to non-allotment,non-reporting for admission and resigning after joining or any other reason, such seats will be filled in the Mop-Up round

Q- How Maharashtra state conduct the MOP-UP Round counseling process?

Ans-Maharastra state conduct online counseling process for conducting mop-up round, candidates same preferences will be considered for the mop-up round, There are 2 Rounds of the online selection list, after that there will be one or two mop-up Rounds, both are online, there will be only one mop-up round for private colleges
if the seat will remain vacant in private colleges then it’s surrender to respective private colleges

Q- Who is eligible for MOP-UP Round counseling?

Ans-Eligibility for MOP-UP Rounds.
a- All candidates admitted in 1st round & 2nd round and secured the admission but not filled status retention form.
b- All the candidates who are waitlisted and to whom choice was not available during the 1st round and 2nd round.

Q- Who is not eligible for MOP-UP Round counseling?

Candidates NOT ELIGIBLE for Mop-Up Round(s):
a) Candidate to whom a seat has been allotted in computerized CAP rounds and not joined.
b) The candidate who has filled the status retention form.
c) Those candidates who are joined and resigned after allotment of seats in previous rounds.
d) Those candidates who are joined but not working in the institution.

Q- How to participate in MOP-UP Round, do candidates will have to resign from their allotted seat for participation in the Mop-up round?

Ans- All eligible candidates by default consider for the mop-up round, candidates need not resign or surrender from their previous allotted seat for participation in mop-up round counseling

Q- Can candidates change or add his/her preference for the Mop-up round?

Ans- Candidates can’t add preferences candidates same preferences will be used for both online mop-up rounds counseling process.

Q- Do candidates need to re-register or freshly register for the Mop-up round?

Ans. No re-registration & freshly registration for Mop-up round , for those who already registered 

By Muzaffar Khan

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