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  • Wednesday, 04 March 2020
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10 courses offered by CPS get MCI recognition. 

There is much confusion among aspiring students and alumni as well as the medical fraternity around the validity of fellowships and diplomas awarded by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai (CPS). The confusion rises from multiple notifications and clarifications issued by the Government since 2009 as well as their interpretation by various stakeholders – students, media and the providers. After a through review of the Government Gazette Notifications, PlexusMD pieces together a summary of the various courses and their validity, 10 courses offered by CPS get MCI recognition.

Following courses and fellowships of CPS get MCI recognition. Any person who cleared any of these exams and received a certificate, that will be MCI recognized and eligible to practice anywhere across India as per MCI rules. The recognition is with retrospective effect for any individual who had received this certification prior to the date of notification as well.

  1. DGO
    2. DCH
    3. DPB
    4. FCPS (Medicine)
    5. FCPS (Pathology)
    6. FCPS (Surgery)
    7. FCPS (Dermatology)
    8. FCPS (Mid. And Gyn.)
    9. FCPS (Ophthalmology)
    10. MCPS
    These courses were derecognised in 2009 (Gazette notification: https://bit.ly/Gazette-Notification-Dec-2009). Of these, numbers 1, 2 and 3 were granted recognition in October 2017 (Gazette notification: https://bit.ly/Gazette-Notification-Oct-2017) and numbers 4 to 10 were granted recognition in January 2018 (Gazette notification: https://bit.ly/Gazette-Notification-Jan-2018).

Following Diploma courses were recognised by MCI in October 2017 (Gazette notification: https://bit.ly/Gazette-Notification-Oct-2017). However, in January 2018 (Gazette notification: https://bit.ly/Gazette-Notification-Jan-2018), the recognition of these courses stands cancelled.

  1. DOMS (Ophthalmology)
    2. DDV (Dermatology)
    3. DA (Anaesthesia)
    4. DORL (ENT)
    5. DORTHO (Orthopaedics)
    6. DPM (Psychological Med.)
    7. DMRE (Radiology) 
    8. TDD (Tub. Dis.)
    9. DFP (Fam. Pla.)
    10. DPH (Pub. Health)
    11. DTM (Trans. Med.)
    12. DTMH (Trop. Med.)
    13. DDIAB (Diabetology)
    14. DGM (Gen. Med.)
    15. DGS (Gen. Surg.)
    16. DMO (Oncology)
    17. DCARD (Cardiology)
    18. DMAS (Minimal Access Surgery)
    19. DGEN (Gynaec. Endoscopy)
    20. DIART (Infertility)
    21. DURO (Urology)
    22. DIMM (Immunology)
    23. DICU (Intensive Care)
  2. DNEU (Neurology)
    25. DNEP (Nephrology)
    26. DHON (Haemato-oncology)
    27. DPORTHO (Paed. Orthopaedics)
    28. DPICU (Paed. Intensive care)
    29. DPNEU (Paed. Neurology)
    30. DPCARD (Paed. Cardiology)
    31. DNEO (Neonatology)
    32. DPNEP (Paed. Nephrology)
    33. DLDNP (Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics)
    34. DPGHM (Paed. Gastroenterology)
    35. DPURO (Paed. Urology)
    36. DEME (Emerg. Med.)

While the above courses have been derecognised by MCI, their status of recognition by various State Medical Councils remains unchanged. For e.g. numerous CPS courses are recognised by Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and other State councils. Holders of courses that are recognised by a particular state can legally practice as a Specialist in those states (but not across the country if not MCI recognised). Readers are advised to check with their State Medical Council about the validity of any course before applying for admission.

- By Muzaffar Khan

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